About the Authors

Inside Cuisine is the food, booze and travel website founded by Rebecca Varidel. As the labour of love has grown organically Rebecca has been joined by co-editor Rhys Gard and regular contributors Kurt Huth and Natalie Manning, as well as internationally known food and wine personalities such as David Wong and Lyndey Milan. And contributions to our co-operative website also flood in from guest authors – journalists, celebrity chefs, food producers and farmers, bartenders and travellers, and friends.

Picture of Rebecca Varidel

Rebecca Varidel

Inside Cuisine is the food booze and travel website founded by Sydney born Rebecca Varidel. Although Rebecca was the first of six generations of her family in Australia to be born in the city, she did spend school holidays on the NSW dairy farms...

Picture of Rhys Gard

Rhys Gard

While most kids were wincing after their first sip of wine, Rhys was clutching his father's glass for more. Growing up in rural north west New South Wales ensured Rhys developed a fervour for fresh and sustainable produce, and was planting...

Picture of Kurt Huth

Kurt Huth

Kurt's love of food was there from the start, but it wasn't until he moved to the city that the wonders of gastronomy opened up to him. That was many years ago now and he's now immersed himself in all things food...

Picture of Natalie Manning

Natalie Manning

Natalie Manning grew up in a family of passionate travellers (as well as chefs. And grew up eating in 3 hat restaurants). We're not sure which of her passions come first: football (that's soccer for those who aren't in the know), travel or food...

Picture of Rory Platt

Rory Platt

Rory began his fervent passion for food shortly after leaving home for the first time and realising that man cannot subsist on pasta and bread alone. It became clear that he had taken a childhood of exotic...

Picture of Laura Porter

Laura Porter

Laura was born and raised a Yorkshire girl. As a child her mother called her a 'good-eater', because every meal she ate ended with a spotlessly clean plate. Growing up Laura had a reputation for being able to out-feast her uncles...

Picture of David Wong

David Wong

David Wong is a Chef that is based in Macau. He has worked in France at the L’Aubergade, with Rick Stein OBE and Anton Mosimann OBE in the UK. In Asia with various hotels such as Mandarin Oriental, Macau, the Westin Banyan Tree, Bangkok and Sheraton Grande....

Picture of Alessandro Pavoni

Alessandro Pavoni

Alessandro is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Alessandro Pavoni is Chef / Owner at Ormeggio restaurant in Sydney which this year was awarded it’s first hat in the (Sydney Morni...

Picture of Anya Hohnbaum

Anya Hohnbaum

Anya is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Anya Hohnbaum works as a PR Consultant within the restaurant and catering industry. She’s also a freelance television researcher/producer...

Picture of Bern Morley

Bern Morley

Bern is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Bern Morley is a freelance writer based in Melbourne. She likes eating and drinking and especially likes to do this in unison, preferably at ...

Picture of Carla Grossetti

Carla Grossetti

Carla is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Carla Grossetti kicked off her freelancing career in 2002, after working for 15 years as a journalist and copy editor. Since then, she has...

Picture of Caro Webster

Caro Webster

Caro is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Caro Webster is a freelance writer, published author, fanatical gardener, foodie and a passionate believer in the magic of being outdoors &...

Picture of Champagne Jayne

Champagne Jayne

Jayne is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

‘Champagne Jayne’ (aka Jayne Powell) is a respected Australian independent reviewer and expert in champagne and sparkling wines. Consi...

Picture of Francesco Spataro

Francesco Spataro

Francesco is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Award-winning Italian pizza chef Francesco Spataro brings his authentic Neapolitan style pizza for guests of Aperitivo to enjoy. Trai...

Picture of Jeremy Bowell

Jeremy Bowell

Jeremy is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Jeremy Bowell is an avid home chef and food & wine lover whose cooking has been featured in the Good Living section of the Sydney Mor...

Picture of Lyndey Milan

Lyndey Milan

Lyndey is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.
LYNDEY MILAN, Australian home cook hero, combines a thirst for life and a sense of fun with a love of good food and sparkling shiraz.

Picture of Michelle Hespe

Michelle Hespe

Michelle is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Michelle Hespe is Editor in Chief at Edge and has 16 years of experience in the publishing industry – focusing on travel, the arts, food and n...

Picture of Mitchell Orr

Mitchell Orr

Mitchell is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Chef  Mitchell Orr was winner of the ’2010 Josephine Pignolet Young Chef of the Year’ award.

You can also read an earl...

Picture of Peter Thornley

Peter Thornley

Peter is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

One of New Zealand's most acclaimed and well known chefs, Peter Thornley, heads up Hilton Queenstown's signature restaurant Wakatipu Grill...

Picture of Richard Gunner

Richard Gunner

Richard is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Richard Gunner has been the driving force behind the establishment of Feast! Fine Foods...

Picture of Robert and Morrison

Robert and Morrison

Robert and Morrison are Guest Writers for InsideCuisine.

Robert Carmack and Morrison Polkinghorne host deluxe food tours to Southeast Asia. Robert is a cookbook author, and Morrison a textile...

Picture of Sheridan Rogers

Sheridan Rogers

Sheridan is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

Sheridan Rogers is an award-winning food and travel writer, broadcaster and food stylist.

A graduate of Leith’s School of Foo...

Picture of Triana O'Keefe

Triana O'Keefe

Triana is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine

Triana O’Keefe grew up in the Southern Highlands of NSW and has enjoyed fine food from a young age. However, her love of both the city an...

Picture of William Wilson

William Wilson

William is a Guest Writer for InsideCuisine.

William Wilson is a man who likes to talk about wine, beer and spirits almost as much as he enjoys drinking them. William was one of the...