Dulcey caramel panna cotta recipe

Dessert, and does anything sound more tempting right now than this recipe?

It’s a recipe from two brothers, Angelo and Joseph Roche, who are both teachers at the Australian Patisserie Academy in Sydney.

Angelo Roche was the 2010 winner of the Callebaut Chocolate Showpiece competition, and trained in both cuisine and patisserie.

“Who is your culinary hero?”
“If there is only one, then it is Paco Torreblanca”

Joseph Roche regularly competes in chocolate, sugar and pastry competitions, both individually and with his students, and recently won the Hunter Valley chocolate competition.

“What made you want to work in the food industry?”
“… my mum and dad’s cooking.”

Dulcey caramel panna cotta (Verrine)


250g milk
25g glucose
5g gelatine leaf
20g water
500g pouring cream
425g Dulcey chocolate (Valrhona)


Boil milk and glucose. Soak the gelatine with the water, squeeze out excessive water and add to milk. Heat cream to 50ᵒC, melt dulcey chocolate (45ᵒC), mix the chocolate and cream. add the milk mixture to the cream mixture, fill into glasses about 70% full and set in the fridge.

Dulce caramel panna cotta

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