The Prince, St Kilda

This place has panache. Beside the water, it’s only a short walk to some of St Kilda’s best dessert shops and bars. The Prince is stylish and easy to find. There’s a pool, spa treatment facility and one of the area’s best restaurants (Circa The Price) attached.


The room ticks the boxes: king bed, TV, plenty of soaps, well-stocked mini bar, Wi-Fi, hairdryer, iron, an umbrella for a rainy day. If it feels a little chilly, you can adjust the temperate of your room too.

I flew to Melbourne for a First Families of Wine Tasting. A night in, with the promise of a bath and brew, some room service and a film, was all I needed after a big couple of days. But if you’re more energetic than me, you could head out and peruse St Kilda beach. Check out the restaurants and bars and cafés along Acland street. Mosey up and try a slice of Chocolate Kugelhoupf and the rustic pastries and cakes at Monarch.



Room service was delivered quickly. I had the Snapper dumplings with Jamon and the Steak with truffle mustard and hand cut chips, washed down with a couple of Asahis.


There’s nothing more relaxing than a beer in a bath laden with bubbles. I forgot to bring a book but I put on Devendra Banhart’s Mala and slipped away.

After maybe the best sleep in months, I made it in the nick of time for breakfast. If you have to leave early in the morning, it can be sent to your room. But if you’ve got time, meander in before 10.45 and pick a dish and a drink from the menu. The ocean trout, potato roesti, hollandaise, caviar and poached egg was good. The roesti properly soft in the middle, shielded by well seasoned crunch. The latte was strong and the roast dark. Just what you want.


You would be hard pressed to find a place as inimitable and convenient as The Prince in St Kilda.

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