Work in Progress Merivale popup bar Sydney CBD

FEELING TIPS-Y? the hand painted apron proclaims. An opening party, three cocktails from the pop up list – Garibaldi Spritz, our top pick Pomelo Fizz, Down The Stairs – $18 each, a central Sydney CBD location, Merivale, music, we might have been. Tipsy that is? Tipsy on more than the drinks, tipsy on fun – at Sydney’s newest venue and our bar pick so far this year.

Spotted: Merivale Group Sommelier Franck Moreau and his impressive wine list that includes NV La Jara Prosecco di Treviso (at $8 a glass) Tarrawarra Estate Chardonnay 2012 ($11 glass / $55 bottle) Crawford River Rose and Woodlands Cabernet/Merlot. A tight but exciting list, close to all Australian. Estezargues ‘Cuvee des Copains’ 2012 Southern Rhone ($10 glass / $50 bottle) represents France.

I spy…

No need for tagging this (always smiling) guy… rubbed shoulders at the party… sporting a new winter beard…

Work in Progress opening party

Most exciting to our tastebuds was the extraordinary street food Thai bar bites. Betel leaf wraps with smoked trout, fresh ginger, lime, peanut and caramelised roasted coconut. Marinated mince prawns wrapped with egg noodle and plum sauce. Hungry?

SHARE OR ELSE!!! the opening party menu said…

And of course the joint was dubbed with the work of the very talented pop-artist Franck Gohier.

Work in Progress
50 King Street, Sydney NSW Australia

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