Spotify Supper curated by Momofuku

“Deliciously simple” – Food Republic

“Trending: Spotify’s new app is a tasty Supper.” Elle

“The results, not surprisingly, are pretty tasty” – The Next Web

“Supper. is a brilliant little app that serves a need that you probably never knew you had” Make Use O

David Chang’s Momofuku empire takes over innovative new Spotify app, Supper. The Momofuku team has curated 9 new recipes + playlists from Momofuku’s acclaimed venues across New York City and Sydney, Australia. Still hungry? They have also provided a trusted list of their favourite spots in NYC and Sydney where you’re most likely to see them at when they’re not at the Momofuku restaurants.

Let Supper curate your next dinner party; start with Mushroom and Pear Soup with Bay Scallops from Momofuku Ko, followed by Pasta with spicy sausage, roasted cauliflower, and egg yolk paired with The Clash, The Cure, and LCD Soundsystem from the 3 hat, “hottest restaurant in Australia” – Momofuku Seiobo, and finish off with some Crack Pie® paired with Peaches, MIA, and HAIM from the Momofuku Milk Bar. All while sipping on Má Pêche’s Japanese whisky based Mountainside, or the Thai Basil Daiquiri from Momofuku Booker and Dax.

Supper is an app housed on one of the world’s largest digital music services, Spotify. Toted as the perfect collaboration between music + food (+ drinks); Supperpairs delicious recipes with hand-crafted playlists that are accompanied by a Hipstamatic snap to get your taste buds salivating. Supper was created by a couple of late 20 something year old romantics from Australia who love nothing more than quality music and go to great lengths to find first-rate food + drinks from places that offer first-class vibe. Supper calls on trusted curators from the music, gastronomy, and drinks industries from around the world to bring you the best curated recipes + playlists available today.

Supper also offers dedicated playlists full of indie, club, house, chill, party, rock, jazz, and electro for every moment. Throughout the playlist page you can find exclusives from international artists including house duo Soul Clap who needs little introduction, and various artists from Australia’s favourite indie-electronic label Future Classic.

The Supper. Spotify App is available on the Spotify Desktop Platform now.

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