Prunotto Barolo 2008

Wine of the Week by Rhys Gard

Prunotto Barolo 2008
Region: Piedmont, Italy
Grape: Nebbiolo
Price: $78.00
Tasted: April 2014
91 Points

It’s a Sunday night. Talking Heads are burning down the house. Outside, the rain is coming down hard and heavy. And it’s time for a Barolo.

Firstly, there’s raspberry on the nose, a touch of oak, the promise of savoury spice. This wine was barrel aged for three years, then bottle aged for one more. Then released. For a 2008, this still has a lot of miles left on the clock. Secondly, I’d be keeping it for another ten or so years before opening another. The fruit would be riper, the tannin a little tamer. I’m intrigued to try this wine again, and to write about it retrospectively.

This wine has great mouth feel. Smooth and peppery. Maybe even like a ripe cherry between your teeth. There’s a tiny touch of chocolate on the palate but it’s mainly raspberry and spice, a nice kick of savoury tannin.

Throw some meat onto a char grill. Add a dollop of salsa verde. Let it sit for a few hours. Bliss.


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