Lolla restaurant Singapore

Lolla restaurant Singapore

There can be pros and cons to an open kitchen. Lolla in Singapore though is one of the best places to sit and watch the chefs at work. It is a happy kitchen. I noticed Executive Chef Ming Tan ask during service for the music to be changed. He was happily singing away to it while he cooked.

That is the kind of happy positivity I want as an ingredient on my plate.

Chef Ming Tan Lolla

Lolla chefs

But my favourite part of the Lolla counter lunch was perhaps when the chefs in the open kitchen shared with us slices of the new season peaches that had just been delivered, the best they had tasted, they reckoned.

Apart from digging the chefs (teehee) I really was digging the food (yippee) as Lolla sings ME (tralala)!


The menu at Lolla is divided into sections of CURED MEATS, EGGS, VEGETABLES, MEAT, SEAFOOD, DESSERT supplemented by some blackboard extras.

The food is both traditional yet innovative, classical yet casual, hearty yet light. And not just light, but there is also a touch light-hearted.

And with some of my all-time favourite ingredients – sea urchin, tongue, tripe, smoked eel, bottarga, eggs – starring in the repertoire, I’ll put up my hand and add Lolla to my top all time international favourite restaurants.

Lunch. Such a pity I had to share. Sigh. Especially the sea urchin pudding.

(Sorry Audra. Well I’m not really. I really didn’t want to share!)

Audra Morrice shares sea urchin pudding

Lolla Singapore

Lolla braised beef tripe

The booze selection is right up my tasting glass too. An international list, as you would expect in Singapore, on the same placemat menu as food.

In order. Champagne. White Wine. Red Wine. Sherry. Dessert Wine. And blackboard specials.

22 Ann Siang Rd, Singapore 069702
+65 6423 1228

Lolla desserts

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