Patrick O’Sullivan Britannica Creek 2012

Wine of the Week by Rhys Gard

Wine: 2012 Patrick O’Sullivan Britannica Creek
Region: Yarra Valley
Varietal: White Blend
Price: $42
Tasted: March 2014.
94 points.

If you’re yet to try an orange wine (and I’m not talking about the region), there’s never been a better time. For less than fifty dollars, you can buy a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Chardonnay from the Yarra Valley that is both impressive and most likely nothing like anything you’ve sipped before (unless you’re an orange wine convert, of course).

While the blend is party responsible for the gorgeous orange aroma, its extended maceration and lack of filtering are also culprits. After a sip, it’s probably not what you’re expecting. After a few weeks of Riesling, the absence of sharp acid and dryness is refreshing. This wine is, maybe dangerously, very easy drinking, and great for some savoury quaffing. The tannins are chalky and the end is slightly acidic and fruity, a little like a spoonful of lemon sorbet, and there’s a slight sweetness on the nose.

Summer’s gone but it’s still warm and this is the perfect wine to take into the balmy night with some cheese and olives. Just don’t be surprised if you go to pour another round and notice the bottle’s empty.

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