Majella 2010 Shiraz

Wine of the Week by Rhys Gard

Wine: Majella 2010 Shiraz
Region: Coonawarra
Price: $32-40
Tasted: February 2014
Best Opened: Now ‘til 2015
88 Points

My friend spent most of the summer travelling through Southeast Asia. He recounted a story of eating in a restaurant where a bottle of red wine was delivered to the table cold and with an incongruous bucket of ice. From then on, he opted less for wine and more for beer.

Most of the summer has been full of Riesling, Chardonnay, Fruilano, and Pinot Noir. With a cooler night, a bottle of big red was begging for some time and attention.

After weeks without a glass of red, I knew my friend was ready, and Majella’s wonderful 2009 Coonawarra Shiraz came to mind. Unable to find it, I opted instead for the 2010.

The first sniff was impressive: juicy plums, nutmeg, and the faintest trace of eucalyptus. Next: a big bowl of pudding, the kind that plagues Nan’s kitchen the week before Christmas.

In the glass, it’s a deep red with a lavender hue. In the mouth, it’s silky smooth. On the palate, the bouquet shows up, but only briefly. It’s a film that builds and builds before falling at the climax and failing to get back up. And while this drop doesn’t hold back on the oak or the acid, there’s enough spice and dark chocolate here to keep you satisfied.

I’m not sure there’s adequate tannin to pair this with dry aged beef. I’d be drinking now, with some cheese and crusty bread. This is still good wine. What’s better, you can keep the ice in the freezer and the bottle out of the fridge.

Do you go to Coonawarra for your Shiraz?

Majella Coonawarra Shiraz 2010

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