Maille opens in Australia

Maille at Mount Eliza IGA

Dijon is a name often associated with mustard. It’s also the location of the French Maille mustard flagship store. Though I haven’t been there, I have shopped at Maille in Paris.

Now Australians don’t have to travel so far. Yesterday they opened their first concept store in the Southern Hemisphere, inside IGA Mount Eliza, offering 22 flavours. And while visiting Victoria for a mustard masterclass and De Lunch (a meal between dinner and lunch) with Chef Adrian Richardson, I met Christine and Vic Fauvel as they made the first purchase at the store. Vic used to mix his own mustard (he tells me), a combination of Dijon and Hot English. And he was so excited to find the Maille Chablis available at his local supermarket, as it is bang on hitting the mark on how he likes is. Other good news is that with the mustard on tap, the take home mustard pots are refillable at the store.

Vic Fauvel pays for his Maille

Maille De Lunch menu

The six course meal demonstrated by Richardson, showed the versatility of the Maille range. Mustard was of course an accompaniment to beef, and was just terrific smeared inside bacon with fresh thyme in a classic Fillet Mignon.

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