In search of Croque Madame

You know he can cook. It was great to see Chef Darren Taylor back at the pans at his latest venue. Even if you’re not in the area, Kellett Street is worth a visit for this latest addition: chic French cuisine, organic and local produce, breakfast and lunch.

All of the menu is superb. We loved the Reuben of smoked brisket, and the Tasha’s ocean trout gravlax – both on the sandwiches lunch menu.

But for me, the prize of the day was from breakfast. In Paris, my favourite start to the day is Croque Madame. In Sydney, I’ve only found poor imitations. Until now. With his pedigree, Taylor gets it purrfect. Soft luscious béchamel, beautiful ham, gorgeous runny egg yolk. (Unless you don’t want an egg on your French toasty; then Monsieur is also on the menu.)

Do yourself a favour. Eat here! (And partake in some lovely French wine – Café Boheme is licensed.)

Cafe Boheme

“Each dish has been inspired by local French cuisine and has been crafted using the finest locally sourced produce,” says Taylor. “By infusing French favourites with international flavours, each dish on the Café Boheme menu is a true reflection of
urban France.”

“Our hand‐picked French favourites including brioche French toast with caramelised pears and vanilla bean ice cream, traditional Croque Madame and a delicious Café Boheme charcuterie plate. Patrons will also be served a selection of indulgent
pastries and cakes cooked daily on site.”

Café Boheme
3 Kellett St, Potts Point NSW Australia

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