The Malaya: 50 years of feeding Sydney

The Malaya restaurant reaches a milestone anniversary

A restaurant being open for 50 years is a feat by any standards, but in today’s world where restaurants pop up just for a mere 24 hours, the achievement is even greater. This year The Malaya is celebrating its 50 year anniversary, now run by the second and third generations of the same family.

The Malaya restaurant

The Malaya – defining history

I first started going to The Malaya in the 1980s back not in its first location in George Street but in North Sydney. The 80s were heady days in advertising (where I worked then) and a lunch at the Malaya could go well into the afternoon! While a few of the dishes may have changed over the years, the standard at The Malaya has never faltered. The Malaya is renowned as one of the most consistent Asian cuisine restaurants and was one of the first restaurants to introduce Southeast Asian cuisine to Sydney. Indeed Malaya is credited with introducing us all to laksa. What makes this restaurant so different is its innovative menu ideas. Instead of focussing solely on traditional recipes or being authentic to one cuisine, the Malaya creates dishes that blend the defining elements of a few traditional recipes into one. As such, The Malaya has its own personal style, but inherent traditional flavours still shine through.

The Malaya Bon Bon Chicken

Through the decades

Throughout August the Malaya is celebrating its 50 year anniversary and has designed two banquet menus that encompass both past and present signature dishes. With so many good signature dishes over the last 50 years, designing this menu would have been a hard task. For me, the Szechuan Eggplant from the 1990s is an absolute stand out – like pork belly for vegetarians it is so luscious inside and crisp on the outside.

The Malaya Szechuan Eggpalnt

Cullen wine dinner

As part of the celebrations, on 27 August The Malaya is uniting with Grosset Wines to have an evening of food and wine. All wines have been carefully chosen, not only to match the dishes, but also to help bring out the authentic Southeast Asian flavours of each dish. If you require any further information >> please click here

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39 Lime Street, Darling Harbour Sydney Australia
+61 2 9279 1170

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