Mary’s bar Newtown


Ultra cool space. Very Newtown. Bloody delicious burgers. And queues. Is it worth the wait? We wandered upstairs and downstairs early on a Thursday night looking for a table and finally we grabbed the only available stools at the end of a shared bench. The BAR DUDE seated me like a lady while he ordered our drinks, brought back his beer and reported that my Sazerac would be brought to the table. Excellent service he said, adding he was asked if I wanted my Sazerac made with rye whiskey or Cognac. Tick. It wasn’t much of a wait before the first of my cocktails appeared at the table. And it was a beauty though at $20 priced at the top end for the area, if not Sydney. Ah what the heck. It was a bloody bottler of a drink! So good I ordered more…

6 Mary Street, Newtown NSW Australia

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This review was published in my weekly BAR FLY newspaper column for the Alternative Media Group.

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