Nouveau Riche whisky cocktail

TCH Nouveau Riche cocktail
Ben Blair, bar manager Corner House had trouble kicking me out at closing time when I got so addicted to this silky and elegant yet complex cocktail I wanted a intravenous cocktail infusion instead of a glass. The next best thing, I could actually do, was to get the recipe.

Nouveau Riche

45ml Johnnie Walker Gold
15ml orgeat
20ml lemon juice
15ml cherry/citrus shrub*
5ml Lagavulin rinse

Shake and strain into Lagavulin rinsed glass.

How to make cherry/citrus shrub*

100g caster sugar
500g cherries
zest of 3 lemons

Muddle all together and let sit for 5 days, stirring regularly, to create cherry oleo sacchurum. Strain through cheese cloth. For every 150ml of oleo sacchurum, add 60ml apple cider vinegar and 20ml aged balsamic vinegar. Let sit for 1 week and it’s ready to go!

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