Chocolate Cadboll Negroni

On Thursday the 18th of April, a special event took place in Sydney when Dr Bill Lumsden hosted the launch of Ealanta, the latest edition in the Glenmorangie portfolio. Here were the Glenmorangie cocktails served on the night and the recipe for Chocolate Cadboll Negroni.

Chocolate Cadboll Negroni
The herbaceous notes of Glenmorangie Original round out this twist on the classic aperitif using Cynar, pinot noir and a drop of chocolate bitters.

Indulgent blend of Glenmorangie Original with caramel and vanilla brightened up by mandarin and lemon juices.

Highland Collins
Glenmorangie Original with a light and refreshing mix of elderflower and citrus juices and a spritz of soda.

Chocolate Cadboll Negroni

Chocolate Cadboll Negroni

– 30ml Glenmorangie Original
– 30ml pinot noir
– 20ml Cynar / Campari
– Dash chocolate bitters
Served short over rocks with a mint sprig garnish.

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