The Wild Rover

Kim McDiarmid
Through an unmarked door was revealed the type of tavern I have imagined in the world of my fantasy games. Described by the bar itself as “an Irish folk barn with a touch of New York chic”.

It has taken 9 months since completion to get that door opened, and now General Manager Kim McDiarmid is a happy man. Thankfully, he’s put only a small dent in the Irish whiskey collection while waiting for approvals. Especially, as a number of those whiskeys are not available elsewhere in Australia. Drink it neat or try their shots: Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey with Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine – excellent stuff. We only sampled a couple of cocktails: slam a Snake Bite Reviver ($16) – cider and Guiness with an apple blackcurrant foam – from a tankard. It’s terrific. And we are awaiting footstomping music in the upstairs bar with much anticipation. BAR FLY will be back!

Republished from my weekly BAR FLY newspaper column for the Alternatived Media Group.

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The Wild Rover
75 Campbell Street, Surry Hills NSW Australia
+61 2 9280 2235

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