Pork terrine with prune jam : Chef Manu Feildel

This is the 2nd course in the Murray Valley Pork Media Dinner at All Saints Estate. The recipe was created Chef Manu Feildel and prepared by the chefs at All Saints Winery. As I absolutely adore the marriage of prunes with pork, I am completely at a loss as to why I didn’t get a photo of the terrine. (Perhaps I was enjoying the dinner a little too much). Instead you’ll have to settle for a dessert photo of Manu Feildel sitting opposite me at dinner.

Chef Manu Feildel

Pork terrine with prune jam

1 terrine makes 15 portions



700g pork shoulder meat
300g pork back fat
2 eggs
30g truffles (optional)
80g diced foie gras (optional)
2 tablespoons of flat parsley
2 tablespoons of thyme
2 medium shallots
1 garlic clove
a splash of port or brandy
15g salt
3g salt nitrate
3g pepper

Prune Jam

130g pitted prunes
130ml English Breakfast tea (made with 1 tea bag)
90g sugar
30ml water
6ml Armagnac



Put through a mincer twice: half of the pork shoulder and the pork back fat. Then add the other kg of pork shoulder and pass through the mincer once. (Just to obtain different textures).

Chop the shallots and garlice and sautee slowly in a frying pan without colouration; reserve.

Chope the parsley, thym, truffle and dice the foie gras.

Mix all the ingredients together and reserve.

Lay 1 x 1kg terrine with thin slices of back fat and fill with the mix.

Using a bain-maire cook in the oven at 150C for 10 minutes then reduce to 120C and cook until it reaches 55C inside.

Reserve in the cool room, press the terrines by placing a weight on the top.

Prune Jam

Brew the tea, then soak the prunes in it for 30 minutes..

While they are soaking combine the sugar and water in a saucepan and cook over a medium heat until the sugar is dissolved.

Add the prunes to the syrup and cook on low heat until all the liquid has reduced or for at least 30 minutes.

Take the jam off the heat, sit until it comes to room temperature, then add the alcohol.

Serve a slice of terrine with a slice or two of toasted brioche or sourdough bread, French mustard, prune jam and perhaps watercress.

Drain the prunes and chop roughly

Murray Valley Pork is a premium range of fresh Australian pork, available exclusively through retail butcher shops and select restaurants. Murray Valley Pork provides over 30 different cuts and is produced by Rivalea Australia. It is proudly 100% Australian grown on the company’s network of farms in the rich Riverina region of southern NSW and northern Victoria.

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