April is Australian PorkFest

Just when you thought the pork barrelling was over…

After weeks of federal political pork barrelling and porkies the people of Australia will be rewarded with yet another month of pork. This time it won’t be so hard to swallow and there’ll be absolutely no bull. April is Australian PorkFest.

The pork farmers of Australia have declared April a month-long festival of pork to showcase the bumper crop of winter born pigs hitting the market and to share the (porcine) love. Pork will be at its most plentiful making for great value and quality and an abundance of all pork cuts from nose to tail … everything but the squeal.

After enduring years of crippling feed prices from drought the farmers are hoping April will be good for them – and consumers alike.

To make Australian PorkFest an all-encompassing occasion, chefs across the country will be featuring their best pork dishes and more than 1000 butcher as well as supermarkets will be showcasing pork throughout April. Which means thousands of home cook across the nation will be putting pork on their forks – to make PorkFest a culinary indulgence of epic proportions.

Why April? Australia’s pig herd predominantly consists of white pigs: Duroc, Large Whites and Landrace. They are leaner faster growing pigs that traditionally don’t breed and grow out as well over the warmer summer months. In winter their growth rate and fertility lifts because of the cooler weather. It takes about nine months to get a pig from farrow to finish and off to market. Pigs born June, July and August of the previous year hit the market around April of the year ahead. And as it gets a cooler their growth rate increases as well. So much so that earlier piglet batches catch up in size with previous litters. Consequently more pigs come onto the market at that particular time of the year.

Think of any pork cut …like a pork leg steak cutlet, scotch, shoulder, belly, fillet, trotter, loin, hock, leg and mince Then think of a dish from pretty well any country in the world like schnitzel with a pork leg steak, cannelloni with mince , Aussie BBQ cutlets and ribs, Asian pork belly, hock, won tons, Pad Thai or char sui to even pulled pork, tonkatsu or a roast with crackling or suckling pig and everything in between. It’s almost like being on a cooks world tour.

Australian Pork (APL) is hoping as many Australians will embark on travelling the world of pork on their plates during April’s Australian PorkFest – with fresh Australian Pork as their culinary passport to pleasure.

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