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Tessa and Christopher Sweethearts
When the BAR FLY was a tiny tot she remembers her mum drinking shandies – almost always it was at a quintessential Aussie BBQ. Shandies are making a comeback at Sweethearts, but they’re not the same as the (half beer half lemonade) ones mum used to drink. The three on offer here are mightier creatures; Sweethearts’ BBQ Shandy ($8) is a combo of Little Creatures Pale Ale, BBQ sauce, lime and ginger beer with a salt rim. Shandies, wine spritzers, pitchers and slushies are fitting drinks for the rooftop BBQ concept of this bar; coloured lights and wooden outdoor furniture work well with the coloured glass sets that accompany the drink jugs. Of the three pitchers on offer our choice of these long drinks is (another quintessential Aussie icon) the Hills Hoist ($30). Keeping with theme, meat seafood and skewers are offered from the grill with a wide choice of salt tubs and condiments. Service is also laid back, Aussie BBQ style – you get an order sheet with a pencil – take your completed form to order and pay at the bar.

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Sweethearts BBQ
33 – 37 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point 02 9368 7333

Sweethearts pitcher wth glasses

Sweethearts order sheet

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