Sitting opposite me guest MR X tells me that way back when in 1985 when the Pumphouse first opened, he was banned from this historic venue after doubling up on too much Thunderbolt. I, on the other hand, am having my first taste of the most famous of the four Pumphouse’s own boutique brews: named after NSW bushranger Captain Thunderbolt (Frederick Wordsworth Ward). It’s a dark intriguing rich blend of malt and caramel. From the other side of the bar, beer enthusiast Mitch tells me about his top pick: “There’s a reason the Feral Brewery’s Hop Hog was voted the best craft beer in Australia. It’s the best well rounded IPA (Indian Pale Ale) that I’ve had.” Other craft microbreweries that are regularly featured by the Pumphouse include Riverside, Holgate, The Little Brewing Company, Bridge Road, Murrays and Illawarra Brewing Company.

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17 Little Pier Street, Darling Harbour Sydney NSW Australia
+61 2 8217 4100


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