Lizotte’s Dee Why : The Russell Morris Band

The Russell Morris Band
In an attempt to have have a night off this week from the usual bar and restaurant suspects, I gathered my longest friends to accompany me to see The Russell Morris Band. I’m not really a dinner show girl yet the drawcard of the expansive original musical repertoire of Russell Morris – from husky Australian blues current album Shark Mouth, to his earlier music that includes The Real Thing, Hush and the beautiful beautiful Wings of an Eagle – decided that we would travel to Dee Why from all over Sydney. “The songs [of Shark Mouth says Morris] are an attempt to capture some of the characters, events and moods – from 1919 to the ’40s with the exception of Mr Eternity – 50s 60s.” To my mind, this legendary Australian musician / singer / songwriter just gets better and better. I ask you: how does one man capture the essence of Australia for close to a century in lyrics and half a century in performance? Has the blues been held like this before?

And how does a man possess such creativity, sensitivity and inspiration to write music like this?

Russell Morris

The Russell Morris Band
It was a fabulous night. Of the venue – don’t expect fine dining at Lizotte’s: though we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mains that came with the show. My slow roasted lamb on the bone was soft and tender and generous. The only downfall at Lizotte’s is the limitations of mid-level spirits and a similar attitude from most of the floor staff. Put this aside. The music the venue showcases more than makes up for it.

Lizotte’s Sydney
Level 5, Shop 4, 629 Pittwater Rd Dee Why NSW Australia
+61 2 9984 9933

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  1. Chris R says:
    February 23, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Great post and love the photos of Russell.
    I love “Wings of an Eagle” brings back so many memories of
    my teenage years.

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