Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook : Simple Pleasures

Annabel Langbei : Simple Pleasures
The Return of The Free Range Cook : Annabel Langbein

“The sweetness of a freshly picked berry, the crunch of a carrot straight from the earth, and the joy to be found in cooking with love for family and friends.”

I first connected with Annabel Langbein because of this philosophy and then was lucky enough to become friends with her through it. Meeting her in person I found her to truly exude this honesty. Her latest book was a Christmas present (a beautifully wrapped surprise through the post.) This her latest cookbook – Simple Pleasures – is well named.

My copy was published in New Zealand but I understand Harper Collins have now also released the book in Australia.

Simplicity comes in other forms too, with Annabel’s easy explanations, background information and cookery instructions. That’s what I love about her show The Free Range Cook too. With 19 cookbooks under her belt, Annabel has earned a passionate following for her uncomplicated recipes that transform inexpensive, everyday ingredients into meals with the wow factor. She draws on a global palette of flavours and her trademark Fridge Fixings to create dishes that are big on flavour while, with a few indulgent exceptions, light on fat and sugar. (Although the fat and sugar part has never been known to stop me.)

We’ve been lucky enough for Annabel to share some recipes from this book:

Annabel Langbein’s Duck Confit

Annabel Langbein’s Fragrant Lentils

Annabel Langbein’s Crispy Parsnip Peels

And check out Annabel’s interactive website with QR codes on many recipes linking the reader to a video of Annabel making that recipe or sharing her tips for simplifying tricky techniques.

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