The Moose Bar Newtown

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The Moose Bar Newtown

SUCH GOOD COCKTAILS, so much love, it was hard to leave. International Playboy Bartender, Jamie Bancroft has taught the team well. “She stirred it in ice which is gorgeous” my mate Sam whispers “I haven’t seen that since my grandparents made drinks. Look how beautiful the lemon twist is inside.” First up I’d had a splendid (bartender Tristan’s suggestion) Mezcal Martini, while Hayley mixed my mate’s classic. I observed her free pour. Suggestions kept coming: have a tried this gin? MARTINIS are a Moose specialty. By now my lovelies, you might have gathered that I like sex. So we moved on: real classics, semi-classics and then there was the Pornstar Martini ($18) – passionfruit sweet but not sickly. I don’t need to be lured to return. The martini map $10 Thursdays Design Your Own Drink has my name on it.

The Moose Bar
530 King Street, Newtown NSW Australia
+61 2 9557 0072


OTHERS SEEM TO LIKE this place, but frankly I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I found it dark and surly – black on white, graffiti tags on the inside of the toilet seat. Red lanterns: the girls sitting at the bar seemed to get a smile that I wasn’t able to extract. Mind you, there was nothing wrong with the perfect cocktail I ordered, once I eventually got to that point. A couple of attempts for drink suggestions didn’t bring much joy. Eventually I chose for myself: a Rob Roy with top shelf Ardbeg (priced accordingly in the cash only bar, advised before it was poured) instead of the house Jamieson. By now I felt disconnected, so although there was excellent music, it was just the one drink each for me and my mate, after we got hot dogs with cold buns.

Midnight Special
44 Enmore Road, Newtown NSW Australia
+61 2 9516 2345

Midnight Special
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