Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ Mudgee

Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ 2012: This was the seventh year of the annual Mudgee event. Luckily I’d had time to rest and freshen up after driving from Sydney on one of the hottest days of the year (a day on which my car air conditioning chose to break down.) Despite the heat everyone was in good humour; some even dressed accordingly in a country summer version of black tie. I wasn’t so clever and wore a long evening dress.


Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ
It was my first visit to Mudgee (let alone to Burnbrae Wines) *blush* as a 6th generation NSW girl, I’m ashamed to admit. The surrounding countryside was more beautiful than I had imagined: lush and green after the spring. The Burnbrae property is stunning with a rustic Australian country design, complete with corrugated iron. As the guests arrived we were ushered to the verandah and lawn at the back of the property, where canapes were served.

Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ

Tony Bryant

Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ
Then we were seated for our sumptious dinner and awaited the surprise entertainment: Amanda Muggleton in cabaret. Splendid fun. Of course dinner was accompanied by a selection of the beautiful and approachable Burnbrae wines. As a region Mudgee is known for its Shiraz and the star of the night was tasting a Burnbrae pre-release Voignier.

Although you didn’t get to enjoy the BBQ or the wines on the evening (at least you didn’t have to dress up in the heat) you can take a peek at part of the night, as I have managed to capture the winemakers Frank Newman and Lisa Bray [on YouTube video] speaking at the dinner. So I won’t write about the wines, I’ll let the Burnbrae winemakers tell you:

Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ

Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ

Burnbrae Black Tie BBQ

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