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Mexico Food & Liquor

Mexico Food and Liquor
One night after many margaritas, I thought I was Frida Kahlo. World traveller, now Mexico Food & Liquor waitress, Florence lent me her decorative headpiece to wear. Although tempted, I stopped short of pencilling on a mono-brow.

On my second visit to Mexico Food & Liquor, for a 1pm breakfast, I noticed liquid agave was served as the sweetener for my coffee. DIY guacamole ($8) – whole avocado to mash, then add your own heat with salsa picante – helped start my day. I could have also had churros with cinnamon sugar + gugillo chilli chocolate but I didn’t. Instead, I got my breakfast fruit in my watermelon margaritas (by the carafe – $20.) Mexico is first and foremost a tequila bar after all. Owner/Chef Warren Turnbull also provides an informative written story (history, production, types) of tequila at each table.

Yet the best thing about my second visit to Mexico Food & Liquor was the tequila lesson I was lucky enough to get from bar manager Huw. By all means I am no virgin to the pleasures of tequila, but I had never really seriously slowly savoured the aromatic complexity of the agave liquor before, sniffed the depth and subtleties on the nose, swirled and sipped from hand blown shot glasses, embraced the caramel and smoke and wood and tobacco, gazed at the changes in front and back of palate, lingered in the afterglow. But then again, I had never previously experienced mezcal.

Mexico Food & Liquor has over 80 tequilas currently on the shelves. And there are more to come..

Mexico Food & Liquor
17 Randle Street, Surry Hills NSW Australia
+61 2 9211 7798

Mexico Food & Liquor

Mexico Food & Liquor

Mexico Food & Liquor
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