Caffe Sicilia Surry Hills has Michelin on the menu

Caffe Sicilia in Surry Hills hosted a special Sydney media lunch late last year. How lucky am I? It’s not every day that I get to eat the food of a Michelin restaurant. (Well not often at all actually – though I do have a penchant for the fine things in life.) Yeup, Heinz Beck of three* Michelin La Pergola Rome was in Sydney (just for a couple of days, and I might add, just to cook at Caffe Sicilia.) And he brought some of his Italian team (swoon ladies swoon: Italian Chefs – as if the food wasn’t yummy enough already.) What’s a German chef doing cooking Italian food anyway I asked the maestro of pasta?

There was much debate at our table as to what was the dish of the day.

My pick was Fagottelli “Carbonara”: with a sauce that cleverly cooked inside the pasta, and burst like a fountain in your mouth. How lucky was I (and you) that Chef Beck gave me the recipe.

My friend – award-winning food and travel writer, broadcaster and food stylist – Sheridan Rogers liked the soup. Yes, me too. I especially liked how the plate swelled into a rockpool when the broth was poured, how the colours changed in the plate, how the aromas of the sea beckoned us.

Another incredible technique was used in the dessert. The raspberry sorbet ball was light and delicate (and hollow.) Dessert by no coincidence was for most the pick of the day.

Now to tell the truth, I liked all of these (and more.) My other standout was more rustic in texture with variations that tumbled together in your mouth. Earth. Sweet. Flesh. Sea. Smoke. Sedanini pasta with red shrimps, smoked aubergine coulis and croutons.

Now for the good news. Four of the dishes we ate at the event will stay available on the Caffe Sicilia menu – at the restaurant’s standard modest prices – as a tasty legacy of Heinz Beck’s visit. And that stunning Sedanini pasta dish is one of them.

While he was in Sydney, the Caffe Sicilia chefs were trained by Chef Beck to make these dishes, which include:

Crispy bread cannolo with sea bass and a brunoise of melon and celery

Sedanini pasta with red shrimps, smoked aubergine coulis and croutons

Veal in pistachio crust with mortadella and topinambur puree

Orange jelly with bergamot ice cream and edible flowers

Caffe Sicilia
628 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW Australia
+61 2 9699 8787

Chef Heinz Beck

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