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“When I lived in Japan, Ippudo in Ebisu was my stop for dinner after every haircut. (The benefit of having a great ramen place next to my hairdressers). Ippudo is a Japanese icon and we’re very lucky to have access to it in Sydney now.” Adam Liaw

When Ippudo opened this week in Sydney, the grand opening was not just a chance to try the famous Ippudo’s ramen signature dishes.

Akamura Shinaji

The 25 year old recipe requires slow cooking over long hours to achieve a perfect emulsion of oil and liquid, creating a rich and powerful Tonkotsu that enhances the flavour of pork-bone topped with IPPUDO secret miso, garlic oil, lean slices of pork, black mushroom, soybean sprouts and scallions.

Shiromamru Motoaji

Original recipe Tonkotsu broth served with Hakata-style ultra-thin noodles and topped with lean slices of pork, soybean sprouts and shallots, cooked expertly to produce a smooth yet classic Hakata ramen.

It was also a chance to see a fabulous Japanese taiko drumming performance by Taikoz..

To watch the grand opening ceremony, the breaking of the sake barrell..

And to catch up with Sydney food friends..

“Finally! Ippudo Sydney is finally here. I’ve longed for this moment since I was a ramen novice back in January 2012 in Tokyo. And now, a veritable master of the ultimate pork broth with springy noodles, I declare the Sydney version is just as brilliant.” Kate Gibbs

“The pork. The slices are so soft you want to snuggle them. Slippery, sweet and nestling tender – there’s more fat than pork and that can only be a good thing.” Helen Yee

“Have heard so much about Ippudo and the noodles didn’t disappoint – utterly delicious. Akamaru Shinaji!” Thang Ngo

Ippudo Sydney
Westfield Level 5 (Shop 5021)
188 Pitt Street Sydney Australia
+61 2 8078 7020

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