Haigh’s Chocolates to open new Sydney store

Next week Haigh’s Chocolates will open their second Sydney store: at Queen Victoria Building (QVB) joining the existing Sydney Haigh’s Chocolates store at the Strand Arcade.

Alister Haigh was at the Sydney store today to take a peek at how work is progressing. He’s one of two brothers working in the business now (as the first Haigh generation to have two siblings working in the business.) When he was a child he used to run through the Adelaide Haigh’s Chocolates factory stuffing his pockets with chocolates. How times change: his children – now 25, 22 and 20 – send him a text to bring chocolate home.

Haigh’s Chocolates is more than a family company by blood. There are employees at Haigh’s that still remember those days when Alister ran through the factory after school. Howzat! Though the longest continuous employees have worked for Haigh’s for an impressive 45 years and 41 years, there is a lady that started work 50 years ago but took some time off to raise her family. She’s back working there now.

Alister Haigh is a predominantly dark chocolate man, he says. And while he doesn’t really have one favourite Haigh’s Chocolate he told me that if he had to take just one chocolate to a desert island it would be the dark apricot fruits (one of the first chocolates made by his great grandfather and the one that has lasted the distance.)

What’s new in store for this Christmas? Well I can’t wait to get my lips around the two new lines and was smacking my lips as Alister Haigh described them today:

1. Ginger Shortbread Chocolate
2. Dark Nougat Marzipan Orange

And of course there is the traditional Haigh’s Chocolate Christmas favourite: Chocolate Christmas Pudding.

Alister’s father will be in Sydney next Wednesday night when the Sydney Lord Mayor official opens the new Haigh’s Chocolates Queen Victoria Building store. A fantastic acknowledgement of the iconic place Haigh’s Chocolates has in Australian history. The store will open to the general public from Thursday 6th December 2012.

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