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As you head down Crown St you pass a shop with beautiful looking salumi hanging in the window, and the smell of wood-smoke, enticing you to come in and see what is on offer. The place is Puntino Trattoria, owned and run by Antonio Sabia, which has been operating for well over a decade. On the day I met him, Tony had been fresh from a weekend of making gnocchi for thousands at the Norton Street Festival, a recipe from his home-town Basalicata that is hand-made on site.

Walking into Puntino’s you can see the salumi I mentioned, hanging in the window, which is made to spec by a local butcher, and to your right is the source of the smell of wood-smoke, a beautiful wood-fired oven already firing, in front of which are a number of mozzarella invitingly asking me to taste them.

I love buffalo mozzarella, and if you are like me and love it too then Putino’s is definitely the right choice. We tried the Mozarella Degustazione Platter, which includes Burrata, your choice of classic buffalo mozzarella or smoked mozzarella, as well as a selection of salumi, pestos, and a caprese salad, and in our case a sampling of their home-made gnocchi. A little bit of heaven on a plate, and the perfect way to start a meal.

For mains, there are always daily specials on offer from the Puntino Trattoria kitchen. One of the mains on offer on the day we visited whole snapper, cooked in the wood oven, sounded divine. However, after such a filling entrée for the two of us, we decided on a pizza to share, and what better choice than backing up with the burrata and ‘nduja pizza (burrata, fiery pork paste, tomato, basil and evo). Delicious!

The wait-staff, fantastic and friendly, advised that the Tiramisu was the best they had ever had, and advised me to make sure I had enough room left to try some. So full was I that I decided to share the Tiramisu with my partner, yet I don’t believe he ended up receiving more than a mouthful. Scrumptious and more-ish, it was a wonderful way to end an evening of fine food.

By the time we left, the restaurant was in full swing with tables full of food, and the smell of the wood-fire oven emanating through the restaurant. With so many other delicious options on the menu I’m already excited about when I can return for another taste, and also to sample the wine menu on offer.

Puntino Trattoria
41 Crown St, Woolloomooloo Australia
+61 2 9331 8566

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