HATS OFF SYDNEY The Celtic Tiger Returns

Blue eyes. Red (ahemn.. ) curly hair. Celtic blood. Gotta be.

When 4Fourteen announced the Sydney CRAVE Hats Off dinner The Celtic Tiger Returns (with at least 50% pure Celt in me) I just had to be there..

Chefs: Colin Fassnidge and Carla Jones, Andrew McConnell and John-Paul Twomey.. and throw in a Celtic music duo.. well YES! COUNT ME IN..

From the ‘Irish Picnic’ and breaking of bread to ‘Blatach Meringue’ we celebrated and enjoyed the green and orange colours at FourFourteen in two state harmony! I’m not entering into any interstate rivalry, so I won’t be naming a favourite dish of the night – it was all just superb is as much as I’ll say. And if there was a victory, it was for the punters who turned up at 4Fourteen. Each and everyone of us: we (new friends and old) even carried on our enjoyment (on twitter and facebook) after leaving the premises.

2010 Mac Forbes Arneis, Yarra Valley, VIC

Irish Picnic
Wagyu of Corned Beef served with Watermelon, Smoked Salmon and Danish Feta finished with Cucumber Ribbons and Lemon Curd
Colin Fassnidge and Carla Jones

What an incredible cornucopia of colours, textures and flavours. Picnic is a good description. It was indeed a feast for the eyes and a picnic for the mouth. Who would have thought that corned beef and smoked salmon were a match made in heaven, then throw lemon curd into the mix and (what’s the Celtic word for Voila?).. well you get the (pretty as a) picture.. What could possible keep the bar raised as high as this for the rest of the night ? Read on..

2010 Valdemor ‘Namorio’ Albarino, Rias Baixas, Spain

Potato, Oyster and Nettle
Potato Soup, Rusty wire Oyster with Nettle Puree and Seaweed
John-Paul Twomey

I thought this was like a supreme oyster shot. Velvety potato cream melded with salty ocean goodness, melting the greens, warming the oyster. Someone at our table said it was like a taste of the sea. Perhaps it was; the seaweed was gathered that morning at Maroubra.

2010 Willunga 100 Grenache, McLaren Vale, SA

who would have known this was all about THE PIG.. ?? well nearly..

A Tail of Chocolate and Crab
Braised and Crumbed Pig’s Tail with Chocolate Black Pudding finished with King Alaskan Crab, Proscuitto and Apple Puree
Colin Fassnidge and Carla Jones

2010 A.Retif Mataro, Hilltops, NSW

Irish Stew
12 hour Braised Organic Lamb Shoulder with a Herb Crust, Roast Lamb Rack, Pickled Lamb’s Tongue finished with a Smoked Potato Lamb Jus and Spring Vegetables
Colin Fassnidge and Carla Jones

2011 Penfolds ‘Cellar Reserve’ Late Harvest Viogner, Barossa, SA

God bless Penfolds section supervisor Kelly said..

We were also told dessert was “with a twist”

Mum’s Apple Pie

Baked Apple Popsicle Rolled in Crumble Mix served with fresh 4 in Hand Honey Comb
Colin Fassnidge and Carla Jones

Blathach Meringue
Poached Meringue, Buttermilk Ice Cream and Rhubarb Granita
Andrew McConnell

An incredible array of flavours and textures from a disc of feathery favourite poached meringue to the smooth icy rhubarb, creamy buttermilk and raspberry powder. I want more..

414 Bourke St. Surry Hills NSW Australia
entrance via: 72a Fitzroy St. Surry Hills
+61 2 9331 5399

Postscript: You’ve gotta love when you get a twitter message “@frombecca @fourfourteen table next to you. Great photo” @potatofiend

And from a Chef sitting elsewhere in the room.. “@frombecca @fourfourteen @cravesydney that was some good shit!!!! Think I totalled 4ths!” @wassters

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