Grandma’s Carrots recipe : Chef Sean Connolly

Catching up with Chef Sean Connolly recently at The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room Sydney, I was taken with this sentimental dish he’s included on the menu. Seeing the softer side of Chef, this recipe is cooked just the way his grandmother made it when he was a child.

Grandmas Carrots


1kg of medium carrots topped tailed & split down the middle length ways
sugar to taste
salt to taste
80gm of cold butter diced
½ bunch of flat leaf parsley roughly chopped


Place a pan of on the stove top.

Throw in the carrots.

Add enough water to completely cover the carrots.

Add a couple of very healthy pinches of salt & taste the water it should taste like the sea.. If not add more salt until you can.

Then add an equal amount of sugar to balance out the saltiness.

Turn the heat on & bring the water to the boil & simmer the carrots for atleast 20 minutes until the carrots are super tender.

You can test the tenderness this with a fork it should slip straight into the carrot like a hot knife through butter.

Drain off the water from the carrots place the carrots in a serving dish sprinkle with the diced butter & chopped parsley & serve.

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