20 dishes from 20 years Chef Jeremy Strode

Last night I ate at MG Garage. Yes the year is 2012. Last night I took a time machine with Chef Jeremy Strode at bistrode CBD celebrating his Australian Years 1992 – 2012. During this month, Bistrode CBD restaurant Sydney pays homage to Jeremy’s Australian years with a special menu featuring 20 of his renowned dishes, plated and priced as they were. As it’s already the 22nd, I wish I had known about this earlier. I would have been eating at 1990s prices all month. Not to mention I would have had more time to explore the retake on restaurants I’ve known and loved, and some I’ve never had a chance to visit. While this menu gives a chance to revisit Chef Jeremy Strode’s culinary history, this menu provides so much more.. This menu this month at bistrode CBD Sydney gives a little snapshot of Australian food history.

White Sausage, Lentils & Sherry Jus, Brown’s Melbourne, 1992 $14.50
Pork Belly Rillettes, Pickles & Toast, The George Café, Melbourne, 1995 $9.50
Blue-Eye Brandade, Boiled Egg & Asparagus, Adelphi, Melbourne, 1997 $14.50
Smoked Eel, Bacon & Potato Salad, Pomme, Melbourne, 1998 $16.50
Duck Five Ways (For Two), Pomme, Melbourne, 1998 $34.00
Leek & Potato Soup, Oysters & Chives, Langtons, Melbourne, 2001 $12.50
Silverbeet Tart, Bistrode, Sydney 2005 $12.50

Corn Fed Chicken Breast & Bread Pudding, The George Café, Melbourne, 1995 $24.50
Pork Chop, Black Sausage, Black Cabbage, Black Vinegar, Langtons, Melbourne, 2001 $29.50
Pigeon, Cauliflower Fritters, Indian Spices (Dinner Only), MG Garage, Sydney, 2002 $32.50
Stuffed Pigs Trotter, MG Garage, Sydney, 2002 $28.50
Corned Wagyu Beef, Potato Salad, Anchovy Mayonnaise, Bistrode, Sydney 2005 $23.50
Grass Fed Rump Steak & Bone Marrow, Bistrode, Sydney 2005 $36.00
Snapper, Prawn Bubble ‘n’ Squeak, Bistrode, Sydney 2005 $33.00
Barramundi in a Paper Bag, Fennel & Orange, The Fish Shop, Sydney 2012 $27.00

Strawberry & Red Wine Soup, Adelphi, Melbourne, 1997 $12.50
Raspberry Savarin, Pomme, Melbourne, 1998 $14.00
Rhubarb Pie & Lavender Ice Cream, Langtons, Melbourne, 2001 $12.50
Chocolate Mouuse, Milk & Mint Sorbet, MG Garage, Sydney, 2002 $16.00
The Bistrode Cheeseboard, Bistrode CBD, Sydney 2011 $28.00

Bistrode CBD
Level 1, 52 King Street Sydney NSW Australia
+61 2 9240 3000

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