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It was fitting that one of the first guests with whom I chatted tonight at the Princess Coco launch party was the inimitable Simon Johnson. It was through him that I first developed my chocolate crush – of my much loved and adored Valrhona. Later in Paris I discovered the Valrhona single origin chocolates and still have the simply beautiful wooden box from which I compared the same % cocoa from different plantations.

You might also recognised some of the other faces from the opening party…

Back to business – anyway – now I’m excited that there is a shop in Sydney that makes the most stunningly beautiful and delicious Valrhona chocolate “temptations.” (You can buy Valrhona block chocolate from Simon Johnson – but not bonbon.) With the opening of Princess Coco, Sydney has come of age.

You’d be well advised to take a visit even without stepping in the Sydney chocolate specialist. The “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” style art installation in the window is, in itself, worth a trip to the corner of Day and Bathurst Streets.

Though once there, it would be remiss not to step inside and indulge… at least in a heavenly hot chocolate. And there’s more…

Princess Coco Chocolaterie, Sydney
158 – 166 Day Street Sydney Australia
+ 61 2 9269 0881

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  1. Richard C says:
    November 9, 2012 at 1:47 am

    This place is a gem. Had the tiramisu sphere which was out of this world!

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