Big Cake Bake : Australian Red Cross

Bake the world a better place!

Bake up a batch during the big cake bake during August and you can raise funds for Australian Red Cross and make a difference to those who need help most.

It’s a piece of cake to take part. On Monday 27th August and also right across the month, anyone who wants to make a difference can become a BIG CAKE BAKE host.

Hosts will be cooking, sharing and enjoying delicious home made cakes in their workplaces, schools, social groups and at home while raising money for a great cause.

Australian Red Cross Big Cake Bake ambassadors Chris Bath, Marion Grasby, Adrian Richardson and Kate Ritchie are also getting ready to bake the world a better place, too. Each celebrity has provided a recipe available online: << register here to participate (and you could also receive a free gift)

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