Umi Sushi + Udon

Japanese eatery, Umi Sushi and Udon is housed in the new Darling Quarter, Sydney. When seated around the sushi train, there’s also a comprehensive a la cate Japanese menu of cold entrees, hot entrees, salads, mains, soup, udon and hotpot, sashimi as well as sushi and creative rolls on offer – at Jessie and Terence Chau’s newest restaurant.

On a night out this week, fresh Kingfish Carpaccio spiked with Ponzu sauce was our refreshing choice of cold entrees to start.

From the Yuzu no Sake (Japanese citrus fruit sake) served on the rocks and the Choya Umeshu with preserved plum (Japanese plum wine) served on the rocks, to the Ginban 50 Junmai Daiginjo (very premium highly polished sake) and all the food in between – it’s all good. (Perhaps I’m not up on Japanese etiquette as I seem to be the only one to suck the tasty preserved plum in my glass. That’s OK – isn’t it?)

Umi Sushi + Udon
R-10 Darling Quarter
1 Harbour Street Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 9283 2006

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