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New small bar Foley Lane is “only a month in.” Nestled on the corner of Bourke Street and Foley Lane, just off Taylor Square, this fabulous new bar is in that gorgeous old Art Deco building that we all love – the triangular one with the glass bricks. Just the building and location had me excited before I even had my first drink. Enter the music – Mowtown – and I was already in disco heaven. Get down!

A month in, and the word seems to be out – Foley Lane is already bringing in the city crowd.’s the drinking and eating? ..the first cocktail I tried was The Taylor Square Spice – Singleton 12yo single malt, spiced apple, home made paprika syrup. Apparently it had only been created the night before. What a cocktail! In the name of research I moved on, yet I could have sat on more of the same all night. Mmmm The paprika sits back and waits to surprise you after the smoke of the whisky. Heightening it. Encouraging you. Warming you through. Subtle and sensational. It’s a winner alright. As was my last drink of the night – whisky and fresh apple juice. All of the cocktails we tried in between slipped down mighty easily. And, the cocktails are all named after the local streets. That’s because the boys want to create a place that welcomes the community. ‘Like’

Owners, Nathan Moses and Julian Marchetto have known each other “forever.” Well they’ve been friends since the start of high school. (That’s forever – isn’t it?) They’ve put together a great venue in Foley Lane as their first business. There is thoughtfulness in every corner. Tables and stools are designed to allow friends to sit and friends to stand – and all chat at the same height. It’s the kind of place that beckons you to drop in..

There’s a Spanish feel to the delicious tapas inspired menu and to the drinks – cocktails and (bloody good) Sangria with caramelised orange.  Some interesting spirits have also been acquired. Cocktails are all free mix – which always makes me happy. Yet it’s also the type of place where it’s easy to sip a glass of wine (with a good range of interesting wines by the glass) or – if you prefer – just to have a beer. The food is reasonably priced – starting with the Tongue & Cheek Sliders at just $4. (Although I’m not usually a sliders fan but) the Foley Lane sliders did impress – complex, tender and inviting – complete with chilli mayo and pickled cabbage. The WA octopus was a surprise served cold, yet with 3 hours of braising was just so soft and mouth-wateringly tender. Whitebait was fresh and crisp. Dipping sauces – a variety of mayos – were all silky smooth. In fact, all of the food from (ex Melbourne – Mamasita and The Press Room) Chef Nelson Burgos was tops, right through to the scrumptious desserts. Creme Caramel and – light and fluffy – Churros with a caramel dipping sauce were a lovely sweet way to finish our – drinking and eating – Friday night out at Foley Lane.

The boys have pulled together a great team – seems to be all in to make the customers happy. And best of all, at Foley Lane, you’ll find the owners – Julian and Nathan – there in the bar to make sure you have a great night. Highly recommended.

Foley Lane
371-373 Bourke St, Darlinghurst Sydney Australia

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  1. Jackie McMillan
    Jackie McMillan says:
    July 8, 2012 at 10:15 am

    Thanks for the invitation, I thoroughly enjoyed this small bar dining experience too!

  2. matt says:
    July 8, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    awesome night out..great place to unwind!

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