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Before there was the dinner, there was the book. Before the book, there was the TV show. And before the show there was the journey.

Dinner last week with Lyndey Milan was to celebrate all of these. A celebration it was indeed, with Georges Vardis as host, in his Sydney restaurant Georges Mediterranean Bar & Grill, for a gorgeous Greek feast showcasing recipes from Lyndey’s latest cookbook, Lyndey & Blair’s Taste of Greece.

Lyndey & Blair’s Taste of Greece

On arrival

Emeh Ton Eraklies
Blood of Hercules Cocktail

Garides me kataifi me kafteri piperia skordalia
Prawns Kataifi with spicy capsicum skordalia


Grilled Greek Pita

Mixed Marinated Olives

Melitzana Salata
Eggplant Salad

Revithokeftedes me roka salata kai stafides
Chickpea Fritters with a salad of rocket & raisins

Kolokithokeftedes me anithos kai feta, sti skara
Zucchini Dill & Mint Fritters

Kalamaria yemista me spanaki kai feta, sti skara
Barbequed Squid filled with spinach & feta

Accompanied by Lafazanis Moschofilero


Arni sto forno psimeni arga me salata mavromatika kai meroudia
Slow-roasted lamb
Salad of black-eyed peas & herbs
Lemon Potatoes

Horiatiki salata
Village Salad

Accompanied by Nemea Lafazanis Agiorgitiko

Tziskeuk me ksira stafides
Cinnamon Cheesecake with Samos-soaked muscatels

Accompanied by Kourtakis Muscat of Samos

Tea & Coffee served with Rozedes

They grabbed my attention when they put the first glass in my hand. Just the name Blood of Hercules is enough to get a party started. But with its mix of red wine, vodka and pomegranate, I’ll be mixing this one up at the home bar. (or finding myself a handsome mixologist to do that for me …) However it comes, I’ll be drinking more of this one (the recipe is in the book).

We were nodding at our table in satisfied agreement on the winnning kolokithokeftedes (yum) and other mezedes, and then came the other Greek classics: stuffed squid (double yum) lamb, and the lemon potatoes (ditto double yum).

Lyndey reckons Greece is the latest hot destination. She’s (as she puts it) bringing back Greece.

Yet the night didn’t end there. There was music and dancing and memories that live on.

“This book is testament to the amazing and unforgettable trip with my son to the Pelopponnese.  We adored Greece – authentic yet delectable cuisine, fascinating history and, most of all, countless wonderful people made this the trip of a lifetime.” enthuses Milan.

Buy the book. Watch the show. (the season is being repeated on good viewing night – Sundays 6pm on SBS One)

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