The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen Chippendale

The Duck Inn transformation is very fitting for the ‘new’ Chippendale. You see I lived in Chippendale some years back – it was a little rougher round the edges then. Owner and publican Ben Kirkman and I had a chat about the area last night. He grew up in Surry Hills and has seen it’s transformation. Irregardless of history, he’s done magic with transforming The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen into a modern yet warm urban space that makes you want to settle in for the evening. Even though I don’t live in the area now, this Rose Street venue, may just become my new local. I notice on The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen website the motto “your home away from home.” It might well become just that.

The only disappointment was there wasn’t actually any duck on the menu (hahaha). Seriously though, the food is good – a smart and tasty elevation of traditional pub food. From an ethical produce driven menu that includes Grasslands Pasture fed beef, Kangaroo fillet, and Cone Bay Barraumndi (and a Mushroom Burger option for the vegetarians), I got in the inner city pub mood starting with a local (on tap) Pink Lady Cider and a Platter – Chorizo, Dates, Pickled Onions, Mushrooms, Semi Dried Tomato, Anchovies, & Sourdough. Rolling the anchovies around the dates was a mouthful of ephiphanic pleasure.

And the melt-in-your mouth tenderness of our flavoursome mains just doesn’t come across enough in these photographs.

The Duck Inn Pub & Kitchen
74 Rose Street, Chippendale NSW Australia
+61 2 9319 4415

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