Monday Morning Cooking Club

At the heart of why I love good food is the nurturing and nourishment that comes from feeding friends and family. Just as important to me as the generosity that abounds as the essence of home cooking, is the sense of community that comes from sharing recipes and ideas and food that is cooked with love. I wasn’t at all surprised to find resonance within the Monday Morning Cooking Club – with nurturing, nourishment and community some of the first words inside this wonderful new cookbook.

This is an important cookbook that embodies each of this trilogy and creates its own. The cover of Monday Morning Cooking Club proclaims its trilogy clearly: the food, the stories, the sisterhood.

“No matter where you come from, this book is for your soul. We hope it will inspire you to return to your kitchen, to engage with your grandparents and grandchildren over the dining table, or to find your own sisterhood through cooking.”

Six women – Lisa Goldberg, Merelyn Frank Chalmers, Natanya Eskin, Lauren Fink, Paula Horwitz, Paula Horwitz and Jacqui Israel – have been cooking together in Sydney each Monday morning for three years. This cookbook shares their story with recipes from the Jewish community – 65 cooks in total.

And Monday Morning Cooking Club shares the love of this group in another way, as it’s a not-for-profit organisation and 100 per cent of all profits from sales of this cookbook go to charity. The major beneficiaries are WIZO and OzHarvest.

You can order (click here) online to purchase your own copy of the Monday Morning Cooking Club.

“Eating, sharing and breaking bread together.”

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