ABC delicious 10th anniversary : a chat with Trudi Jenkins

Trudi, congratulations on an extraordinary 10 years at ABC delicious magazine. How do you feel about the anniversary?

It’s really gratifying to reach this milestone and still be Australia’s biggest-selling premium food title. Good to know you’re doing something right! I feel really grateful that we’ve got such a loyal following.

The 10th birthday party was held at JOHNANDPETER Canteen. Was there a reason it was held there?

I’ve always loved John Wilson’s food, he’s wonderfully creative and caters all the top parties in Sydney so I knew it would be a good night. The launch of delicious was at his Potts Point restaurant, Osteria Moana, so there was nice synergy there too.

Who were some of the people who celebrated with delicious at the party?

We had many of our favourite contributors there – people like Bill Granger, Jill Dupleix, Matt Preston and David Prior – as well as top chefs like Christine Manfield, Justin North and Matt Moran. Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein and others who were overseas on the night recorded a great video for us to play. Then of course there were key foodies like Simon Johnson and Anthony Puharich from Vic’s and all our top advertising clients and staff.

Can you nominate a favourite moment during the 10 years?

Dining at Maggie Beer’s house in the Barossa was pretty special. And I’ve had some absolutely amazing meals around Australia and the rest of the world. We’ve won quite a few awards but it’s always been about the food for me!

And is there a moment you want to forget?

Trying to be grown-up and eating an oyster in a very quiet and formal restaurant.

Has your readers take on food changed over the decade?

I don’t think so…our readers have always been passionate cooks and keen to try new recipes and restaurants…they’ve really come on a journey with us.

When the magazine first started, what kind of things were you cooking at home Trudi, and what are you cooking at home now?

My cooking has definitely improved, almost by osmosis, over the years. I guess I have a better understanding of what flavours work together and an appreciation of good produce. I still cook fairly simple Italian-inspired salads, pastas, roasts and risottos but everything usually works out well and the plating looks more professional these days!

Is there a food of the moment? What do your readers especially love right now?

Everyone’s into fun and simplicity – inspired by Argentinian restaurants like Porteno in Sydney or good Mexican like Mamasita in Melbourne. Nobody wants to slave over a stove all day – something delicious has understood from day one…

And what of the future? Can you give us a glimpse of what’s in store for readers of ABC delicious magazine?

As always we keep tweaking and evolving the design and content to keep it fresh. There is an exciting new contributor joining us early next year, some new columns and more reader weekends around the country. We’ll also be looking at digital brand extensions as a priority.

Read more about ABC delicious and this year’s ABC delicious produce awards on Inside Cuisine.

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  1. enzo says:
    November 10, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Looks like you had a great night.. isn’t johnandpeter canteen amazing?
    We went to the dinner the other night for delicious… just beautiful!

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