CHOCOLATE Willie Harcourt Cooze in Sydney

Do you like chocolate? Of course you do. When Willie Harcourt Cooze was in Sydney recently as part of the CRAVE Sydney International Food Festival he dished up the advice “eat chocolate with everything” and inspired a menu at Baroqu Bistro where he joined Inside Cuisine for lunch.

Sumptious sauces from Willie’s Delectable Cacao range accompanied each course. Willie Harcourt Cooze sources the very best single origin beans then carefully roasts to produce the highest quality finished product. You might have seen it on his UK TV shows. We tried Rio Caribe, Madagascan Black, Indonesian Javan, Venezuelan Black, Nicaraguan Black and Limited Edition Venezuelan Hcienda.

This fussy pot usually limits herself to top end highest quality Valrhona and Armedei chocolates exclusively but was super impressed with the depth and complexity of Willie’s brand.

Cloud forest salad, cauliflower, rio carbie cacao soil
Rio Caribe

A pressee of suckling pig, mole negro, brussel sprouts, sweet corn
Madagacan Black

Chocolate mousse in a bitter chocolate case, Florentine, cacao coconut sorbet
Madagascan Black + Indonesian Javan + Venezuelan Black

Selection of truffles and confectionary
Indonesian Black + Venezuelan Black + Limited Edition Venezuelan Hcienda + Nicaraguan Black

What was my favourite course? It would be easy to say dessert (and to Willie’s own recipe) and yes Chef Jean Michel Raynaud and his team did a truly splendid job with this delightful sweet treat. Yet in truth my favourite was the really stunning combination of flavours with the suckling pig. The mole was smooth and lightly spiced, with notes of summer fruits from the chocolate. The brussel sprouts were glazed and sweet and just superb. Add to these the bite of fresh sweet young corn niblets and what could appear a simple combination turned out to be a mouth kaleidescope of great colours. Well done to Chef Peter Robertson and his Baroque Bistro team for cooking up a storm.

Lunch was held at Baroque Bistro and Inside Cuisine was a very privileged guest of Wasamedia. Thank you for a delightful experience in sitting down to lunch with the man himself.

Willie’s (supremely delicious) Delectable Cacao can be purchased at Baroque Bistro. I think it’s already available there for you to try.

Baroque Bistro
88 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
+61 2 9241 4811

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