Adam Liaw MasterChef winner at Malaysia Kitchen

What’s it like to win Masterchef? Sitting next to the winner, of the second Australian series, Adam Liaw at a small Malaysia Kitchen dinner for six, gave me a short glimpse. For a start our private dinner (decorated like a hawkers stand – in a cordoned off area of the Good Food Wine Show Sydney) was constantly interrupted by photographs, requests to take our places at the table and even high pitched squeals. So was it such a silly question to ask Adam how life had changed? If he “wants to wear his tracky dacks” he stays at home for the day. And there’s no such thing as a day off – even on a day at home – with constant phone calls and emails. He does try though to devote at least a day a week at home to cookery and new recipe development.

Most of our interesting chat was about food culture. Liaw says he thinks our Australian food culture (and yes he and others at the table think we have one) is most similar to Malaysian food culture. Both he says, are relatively new countries and both are culturally diverse, offering an enormous variety of food.

Liaw continued about the focus on food, in his country of birth “If there was a national past time in Malaysia, it would be food” said Liaw of the four styles of Malaysian cuisine.

As the chicken curry puffs and prawn fritters were polished off, and the Ayam Masak Merah and Beef Rendang arrived, we moved on to a conversation about his adopted country of Japan, and it’s food. Had he seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi? He’d missed it at the Sydney Film Festival but had really wants to see it. He was going to try to see it at the Japanese Film Festival. He’s in the middle of packing up for his permanent move from Tokyo to Sydney. With that move will hopefully come the opening of his restaurant – the unassuming Liaw will cook though the head chef will be from a Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo. (What did I think of the Michelin system? and what do I think of how it has been implemented in Japan? he asked) The timetable for the restaurant is still uncertain though Liaw’s hoping for an October opening. “If you asked me two months ago it would be a September opening he said, if you asked me last week it would be two years away, and today it’s October”. Wine was being poured, and Liaw asked if we wanted a beer. “I think there’s some out back”. So we drank beer instead. In itself, a bit of a glimpse at the real Adam Liaw, polite, quietly spoken, intelligent, articulate, erudite, and informed, and now celebrity (and perhaps a little bit daunted by that) yet humble, casual and charming.

The closest bonding for me however, came when – yet again – I spilt food on the front of my dress. As I mopped the stain with my mineral water, Adam Liaw told me that’s why he always wears layers. Adam it was a pleasure having dinner with you, squealing fans and all.

Malaysia Kitchen Private Dining Room

Friday 1st July 2011


Chicken Curry Puffs
Prawn Fritters

Main Course

Beef Rendang (spiced beef in coconut)
Ayam Masak Merah (fried chicken with tangy, sweet and spicy sauce)

served with Tomato Rice, Acar Jelata (Malay tangy pickle salad) and Roti Canai

Dessert (Kueh kueh Melayu)

Combination of baked tapioca cake, baked pandan cake with sesame seeds, layered cake (Kueh Lapis) and steam sticky rice pudding with pandan custard (Seri Muka)

Inside Cuisine was a guest at the Good Food & Wine Show SYDNEY and dined at the Malaysia Kitchen private dinner courtesy of Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence.

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Dinner by Kaki Lima ~ 3/228-230 Anzac Parade, Kensington ~ +61 2 9662 6868

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    Nice coverage of the talk with Adam. Quite interesting to talk about Malaysian food and hear how he deals with his celebrity.

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