Watercress + rice soup

I put this recipe together as my supper for tonight, so thought I’d shared it with you. I don’t like wasting anything in a kitchen and while I used some leftover poaching liquid from apples and pears, I’ve replaced that for you in the recipe with juice for simplicity. The juice really lifts the watercress. Don’t process too much, just pulse, so that the watercess retains some identity.

Watercess and rice soup

Serves 4

2 bunches of watercress
1 cup apple or pear juice
3 cups water
juice of 1/2 large or 1 small lemon
1/2 cup rice

Trim and pick through the watercress. Add to a large pot with the liquids (apple/pear juice, water and lemon juice). Over a high heat bring to the boil, cook for 1 minute, then turn off the heat.

In small batches, process the watercress and liquids. Return to the pot. Reheat if necessary. Spike with an extra squeeze of fresh lemon juice if needed to liven the soup.

In the meantime, boil the rice in salted water, strain and have hot at hand ready for the processed watercress.

Place a quarter of hot rice in each of four serving bowls. Spoon a quarter of the soup liquid around the rice.

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