Churras Brazilian BBQ Darlinghurst

Where can you go in Sydney to experience a little slice of Brazil – a Churrascaria of course. Churrascaria’s are Brazilian barbecue restaurants that serve different cuts of roasted meats which are served in a Rodizio style, which means a continuous service to the table. Where better to experience that little slice of Brazil than Churras in Darlinghurst?

We arrived at Churras to an inviting smell of barbecuing meats, warm, friendly faces, and sat by the barbecue where we could watch the skewers being made. Deciding to have a traditional Brazilian experience we decided to start with a round of Caipirinha’s, made with the Brazilian spirit Cachaca, and waited for the different varieties of skewered meats to start circulating.

After being seated for only for a few minutes our side dishes were delivered to our table. The side salads included a mixture of green salad with mushrooms (salada verde com cogumelos), potato salad (salada de batata), black beans (feijao preto), pilaf rice (arroz), crumbed bananas (banana a milaneza), cassava (madioca) and polenta.

Having been to churrascarias before, I have learnt never to fill up on the sides before the Rodizio starts, but with the sides at Churras I just couldn’t help myself. The mushroom salad left us wanting more, the black beans were divine but the definite highlight for me was a plate of sides consisting polenta, crumbed banana and cassava, which brought me back to my travels in South America.

Shortly afterwards the rotation of skewered meats started appearing at our table. Starting with the garlic bread, then followed by the Rump Cap – Picanha and Top Sirloin – Alcatra, which were both juicy and delicious. These dishes were then followed by a number of different skewers including chicken sausages, chorizo sausages, chicken hearts, garlic rump, chilli beef, sirloin with vegetables, chicken wings, chicken thighs, beef ribs, coconut prawns, leg of lamb, and beef with gorgonzola sauce.

There were many contenders for the best dish of the evening, the chicken hearts were near the top of the list (and were some of the nicest I have eaten) as was the chilli beef and the garlic rump, both full of flavour and mouth-wateringly delicious. The chicken thighs were tender and moist and the gorgonzola sauce, that was ladled over the skewered sirloin, was amazing.

After eating so much meat, we were all in need of a break and we paused at the perfect time, as Brazilian dancers and drummers came out to entertain us with traditional Brazilian Samba. Playing a number of different songs the dancers moved to the music and encouraged guests to dance with them, a few of my table included.

At the end of the show the skewers kept coming until we could eat no more with the meal finishing with a dish of Halloumi, which was absolute perfection and kept me nibbling despite being at my saturation point. This was finally followed by a piece of honey cinnamon pineapple which was sweet and delicious with a slightly smoky flavour from being roasted on the barbecue.

We left the restaurant with the delicious tastes of Brazil still lingering in our mouths and I was definitely feeling content. On the drive home we spent the time talking about the various dishes and arguing over which were our favourites of the night. Churras is a place, to which without a doubt, we will be dancing our way back for another BBQ feast.

219 Oxford St,
Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Australia
+61 2 8084 2151

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