Stefano Manfredi @ Bells at Killcare

We couldn’t have asked for a better day! The glorious sunshine bathed us in anticipation of what would be a magical afternoon at Bells at Killcare. Chef Stefano Manfredi had prepared a special lunch menu for aspecialmob of food bloggerazzi *blush* and delighted us with not only truly superb food but a leisurely walk around the restaurant vegetable gardens too. We had delicious fun. I think Chef had fun too as he told me later that putting the herbs on the Pomodorino primavera, carciofi, crema di cannellini was like playing with the ‘fuzzy felts’ of his childhood, with each herb being placed by his hand onto our sunny tomato.

The humble Manfredi didn’t remind us of his pedigree. With names like Matt Moran, Luke Nguyen and Kylie Kwong all having spent time in his earlier kitchens (including 3 hat) The Restaurant Manfredi and Bel Mondo, and even his mate Neil Perry having worked – way back when – on the Manfredi floor, the humble chef truly is Australian food royalty. Not that I think he’d like me using that term, but there it is.

Eggplant ‘meatballs’
Polpettine de melanzana

Tomato with Spring herbs, artichoke and cannellini cream
Pomodorino primavera carciofi, crema di cannellini

Calamaretti stuffed with prawns, polenta di Storo
Calamaretti insaccati, polenta di Storo

Lamb sacchetti
Sacchetti d’agnello

Roast duck breast, pickled turnips, braised turnip tops
Petto d’anitra arrosto, rapa all’agro, cime in padella

Baked cherry custard tart, pine nut and rosemary gelato
Torta di ciliegie, gelato di pinoli e rosmarino

(and after our tour of the vegetable garden and chook pen)
Espresso di Manfredi served with biscottini


2008 Villa Campania Matilde Falerno del Massico Bianco (Falanghina)
2007 Ronco dei Tassi Fasorin
2005 Santadi Shardana
Toscolo zibbibo dolce

From the start Manfredi lifted out taste and understanding of Italian food. Perfection on a plate for over 20 years. In 2002 he travelled to Italy to accept the inaugural trophy from the Italian International Culinary Institute for Foreigners by the Italian Prime Minister. His inclusion as one of Italy’s internationally recognised chefs in the First English Translation of The Silver Spoon 2005 firmly cemented his reputation as the ‘godfather’ of Italo-Australian cooking. And today … he’s at the forefront of fresh flavour, produce and sustainability with the kitchen and gardens at Bells and the kitchen and gardens that are to come next year at Star City.

Recipes on Inside Cuisine
Cavolo Nero and Borlotti Bean Minestrone
Seafood and Barley Stew from Stefano Manfredi
Roast Beets with Walnut Salsa from Stefano Manfredi

Bells at Killcare
107 The Scenic Road, Killcare Beach NSW Australia
+61 2 4360 2411

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