Justin North’s Confit miso blue eye, cuttlefish, cauliflower and buckwheat

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve eaten at Bécasse this year. Most of those times, I’ve just sat back and enjoyed myself and haven’t shared them with you. Each of the monthly Cellar Nights, a number of the monthly European Regional degustations, as a guest at the seasonal Producers Lunches, and for a family dinner to celebrate my birthday. Part of the reason I enjoy Bécasse is because of service. I don’t cook too badly myself so when I eat out, I want the experience to be special, from the moment I ring to book through to when I step out of the door after the meal. And, special it is at Bécasse!

Don’t get me wrong! I adore adore adore the food, and Chef Justin North never ceases to amaze me with the variety in his repertoire, and the diversity he provides us across his numerous menus each month. Today the talented and generous Chef is sharing one of his recipes with Inside Cuisine for you.

Confit miso blue eye, cuttlefish, cauliflower and buckwheat

Serves 4

For the cauliflower puree
600g cauliflower
3 cloves garlic
2 sprigs thyme
100g butter
30ml grape seed oil
1.5L water
50ml milk

For the miso dressing
50g white miso paste
100g light soy sauce
20g lemon juice
150g veg oil

For the puffed buckwheat
200g whole raw buckwheat kernels
2 litres water
Salt to taste
Non-scented oil for deep frying

For the blue eye
500g Blue eye fillet meat
1L vegetable or olive oil
100ml rendered duck fat

For the garnish
2 cucumbers
Miso paste
½ cauliflower
200g Large fresh cuttlefish
Baby coriander
Baby red shiso

For the cauliflower puree
Sweat the thinly sliced cauliflower for 5 minutes. Season and add half the butter, thyme and garlic. Add water and milk and cook gently until tender. Separate the solids and the liquids. Place the solids in the blender and process, adding the liquor slowly, so as to reach ideal silky consistency, incorporating cold diced butter and milk as you go.

For the miso dressing
Combine miso, lemon juice, soy in blender, Blitz while slowly adding oil. Allow for 20-30mls of water to adjust to consistency if required.

For the puffed buckwheat
Place thoroughly washed buckwheat in water and cook until soft, with no bite. Rinse thoroughly and spread out on a large tray in one even layer. Allow to dry over stoves or in a very low oven (80c) overnight. Allow to cool and scrape of tray separating the granules. Deep fry at 200c for 20 seconds or until granules puff up, immediately strain and season lightly with salt, spread out on paper towel until needed.

For the fish
Brush chunks of blue eye with 50ml of the miso dressing. Allow to marinate overnight. Place fish chunks in bain marie of oil and fat at a temperature of approx 45c for 20-25 minutes or until the fish is silky, translucent and flaking from its natural grain. Flake fish and remove of all sinew or protein.

For the garnish
For the cauliflower sauté, shave the tips of the florettes off the head of cauliflower and sauté quickly over a high heat with a little salt and vegetable oil. Thinly slice and blanch the cuttlefish in salted water. Refresh and dress with olive oil and miso powder and warm. Dice the cucumber into neat cubes, dress with olive oil, lemon and salt.

For service
Swipe puree across the plate and arrange neatly the fish, cuttlefish, and cucumber. Sprinkle cauliflower, buckwheat and baby herbs over the salad to finish.

And, I’ve included some photos you haven’t seen before from the Producers Lunch Forum Wednesday 21st April 2010. North is a huge supporter of local producer and most of what is served at the restaurant comes locally from NSW. Bécasse holds the lunch every 6 weeks to showcase amazing producers.

Bécasse Bread - Kurobuta proscuitto baguettes

Canapé - Sorbello Heirloom tomato tarts

Amuse bouce – Smoked Hiramas kingfish with avocado Chantilly and pink grapefruit
2009 Keith Tulloch Per Diem Pinto Gris, Hunter Valley

Johnny Rockcliff of Ceas Crabpak Queensland Spanner Crabs
Canellone of spanner crab with fennel and ginger puree, Champagne veloute and compressed cucumber
2008 Keith Tulloch Chardonnay, Hunter Valley

Noel Arrold of Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms and Ian Milburn of Glenloth Game
Roast ballotine of pheasant with persillade of mushrooms, brussel sprout puree and confit chestnuts
2006 Keith Tulloch Kester Shiraz, Hunter Valley

A tasting of new season quince
Organic Miellerie honey creme legere with blonde quince jelly and sorbet
Brioche pain perdu with quince puree and nougat glace of honeycomb and pistachio

2007 Keith Tulloch Botrytic Semillon, Hunter Valley

Bécasse Restaurant
204 Clarence Street
Sydney NSW 2000

+61 2 9283 3440

Becasse website

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